Parent Testimonials

Here are a few testimonials from current Montessori parents.

When we had to make a decision to change where my son went to preschool; it was tough. We needed to find a place where he would be exposed to various academic and social programs. What we never expected was to find an extended family for our child. The teachers, parents, and administration really helped us help our son grow and deal with challenges that were not expected. We could lean in then for advice on age appropriate ways to discuss tragedies as well as how to deal with a new sibling.
As educators for over 15 years, we set high expectations for our child and the schools we choose for him. Cherry Hill Montessori School not only met our expectations but they exceeded them. They created an environment for our son to flourish, grow, and learn. He is better prepared than most students his age as a reader, writer, and math student. More importantly he is empathetic and kind.
There is no doubt that our younger children will follow our oldest and go to Cherry Hill Montessori School. We would move heaven and earth to ensure it because it was the best education we could give to our child as well as the best basis for his social and emotional growth. We would have nothing less for the rest of our children.

Meg T.

It has been an amazing experience for my daughter to be apart of an exceptional education program offered at CHM. My daughter has been attending CHM since preschool. My husband and I are extremely pleased with our daughter’s growth & development not only academically but also socially. The integration between preschool & kindergarten has prepared my daughter with a new level of responsibility, the classroom dynamics of the two age groups helps the children learn from one another and grow. CHM has proven to be a one of a kind educational institute. My family is very proud to be apart of the CHM community.

Johanna R.

Cherry Hill Montessori holds a very dear spot for me and my family. We have had the pleasure and absolute fortune to send all three of our kids to Cherry Hill Montessori. There are not enough positive words I can say about my and my children’s wonderful experience at Cherry Hill Montessori. We have tried several other local daycares and preschools and there is really no other school that compares. It is a difficult thing for a parent to leave their children in the care of someone else, but the care and understanding of the staff and administration with their students and their families is unparalleled. They really do treat the children as they would their own. After a short transition period, all of our children were always happy when we dropped them off and happy when we picked them up.You will be amazed at how your child will excel in academics. By the time your child finishes at Cherry Hill Montessori, especially if they complete Kindergarten there, they will be at reading and math levels well beyond what is expected of them in first grade, either private or public. I appreciate the emphasis placed on the Montessori method of learning to attain knowledge at an individual student’s pace and comfort, and not just memorizing facts. Kids will gain confidence in their abilities, which leads to encouraging them to leap towards greater challenges. Cherry Hill Montessori also fosters politeness, manners, respect for others, and responsibility in their students as well.I see this beloved school as an extension of my family and seeing the positive results first hand, would want to support it well into the future even after my youngest graduates because I would want other families and their children to gain and benefit from the wonderful education and life skills offered here at Cherry Hill Montessori.

Faaiza K.

I chose CHM for my 3 kids. They love this school – they are getting themselves ready in the morning, just so we can get there early. At pickup, even though it’s been a long day, my kids are happy and busy when I arrive. And, in the evenings, they are anxious and proud to show off the papers from their day and to report what they learned – my 3 and 4 year olds are currently telling us about planets and the lifecycles of insects! The praying mantis that my daughter’s class has been watching finally hatched, and she was thrilled! I know she wouldn’t get these experiences at a traditional daycare, she’s learning so much without realizing it. My oldest is now in public school in Cherry Hill. She was academically very well prepared for the transition. But more importantly, in my opinion, she loved school and showed a desire to learn and be an active part of the class. Her sense of self confidence is something that I see carried through in her today. I credit the program at CHM for laying a strong foundation. I truly believe you can’t go wrong at this preschool.

Lara J.