Our Faculty

In addition to our unique Montessori Curriculum, Cherry Hill Montessori differs from other preschools based on the quality and commitment of our teachers.  Our classrooms are staffed by Certified Montessori teachers and experienced assistants, many of whom are degreed in other areas of study as well.  Due to the consistency and lengthy experience of our teachers and assistants—many of whom have been with us for over fifteen years—students and parents benefit from knowing all members of our staff are dedicated to making a difference.  Our trained and knowledgeable preschool teachers work with each child to determine individual needs, from which they then introduce traditional Montessori materials, resulting in an academic curriculum appropriate for your child’s level of readiness.


Meet Our Staff Members

Miss Tina - Cherry Hill Montessori


Miss Tina

Tina Nugent is the Director/Owner of Cherry Hill Montessori and a lifelong resident of Cherry Hill. With a B.A. in Economics from Duke University and a law degree from Northwestern, she practiced law for twenty years before assuming the position of Director of Cherry Hill Montessori. Miss Tina grew up in Cherry Hill, attended Cherry Hill East High School and returned after graduate school to raise her family in Cherry Hill. All four of her children attended the Cherry Hill Montessori School. Her eleven nieces and nephews attended the School. Her relatives and friends’ children attend the School, and in many ways everyone who comes through the school feels like her family.

Miss Kelly - Cherry hill Montessori


Miss Kelly

Miss Kelly is Cherry Hill Montessori’s Assistant Director. She has been involved in Montessori Education for more than 25 years, first as a mother to three daughters who attended Montessori schools and recently as a head teacher and assistant teacher. Miss Kelly has her Montessori Diploma in Infant and Toddler and her Bachelor’s Degree in Child and Adolescent Psychology. She loves doing anything with water and outdoor activities. Miss Kelly says, “There truly isn’t anything better than a Montessori education. I have seen it from the teacher’s perspective and as a parent. I wanted the best for my daughters and they received it with their Montessori education.”


Miss Lauren

Miss Lauren is both a certified Montessori teacher and a New Jersey certified elementary school teacher with a second Bachelor’s Degree in American Studies. She is our Head of Curriculum, a lead Classroom Teacher, and a Summer Camp instructor. Miss Lauren devotes much of her time to coming up with new and inventive Montessori projects for our students, and to implementing the traditional curriculum in the classrooms. In her “free” time Miss Lauren pursues her photography, baking and scrapbooking hobbies, and spends as much time as she can with her young son, Conner.



Miss Neicy

Miss Neicy has worked in education for over 30 years and has been with Cherry Hill Montessori since 1986. She is a certified Montessori teacher and, in recent years, obtained her degree in Biotechnology (just for fun!). Miss Neicy enjoys hiking, camping, riding an ATV, playing the guitar, singing and dancing. She has two adult children, both of whom attended CHM! “I feel like I did a great job when a child says ‘I love school’.”


Miss Migna

Miss Migna joined our CHM teaching staff in 2013 as a Head Teacher. She graduated from Chestnut Hill College with a dual degree in Early Childhood and Montessori Education. She also had a minor in Theology. Miss Migna has been teaching for over 15 years, was the Director of the Providence Center in Philadelphia and has experience teaching Spanish. She has two sons and is busy with all their sports activities and homework. Miss Migna loves to be in the midst of new discoveries by the children and being part of the enrichment of their young minds and lives.


Miss Jamie

A former CHM student and Cherry Hill Montessori employee for over 19 years, Miss Jamie has worked as a Head Montessori Teacher, Summer Camp Instructor and Classroom Assistant. In addition to her Montessori Teaching Certification, Miss Jamie has a Bachelor’s Degree in Elementary Education. She is currently the Assistant in Miss Neicy’s class. Miss Jamie is inspired by the way the children gain independence and learn in their own time and at their own pace. She feels like she did a great job when she assists a child in accomplishing something new and challenging. She also has a young daughter, Angela, who keeps her very busy. She loves all of the hugs and smiles she receives from her students.


Miss Usha

Miss Usha has been an important part of our school since 1996. She has received Montessori training and has a Bachelor’s Degree in Chemistry. Miss Usha’s son attended our school and her daughter, now a Pediatrician, worked here during her high school and college years. Miss Usha enjoys music, art, cooking, reading and gardening. She appreciates the balance of freedom and discipline/self-correcting that the Montessori activities provide for the children. “We literally see the children grow and bloom in every way. Montessori is well-rounded with structured and free play as well as academics and social skills. The children are constantly learning and exploring.” The children also keep Miss Usha “busy and happy!”


Miss Rita

Miss Rita began her career with CHM in 2002 and has worked in the education field (including as a kindergarten teacher) for over 28 years. After working as Miss Neicy’s classroom assistant, Miss Rita’s enthusiasm and creativity inspired us over seven years ago to create a new position for her, that of Cherry Hill Montessori’s Enrichment Activities Teacher. This allows Miss Rita to share her zest for life and extensive training in early childhood education and the Montessori method with the children in all four classes. After twelve years here, she still “loves the independence of the children” and will present to them weekly enrichment classes involving music, stories, dance, crafts and other special events. In her free time, Miss Rita enjoys taking classes in dance, watercolor painting, massage and yoga, and spending time with her daughter and grandchildren. She loves it when the children confide in her: “when a child puts his hand in mine, and leans in close to my ear to tell me something, I get all mushy. There is nothing better than this!”

Miss Donna

Miss Donna has been our Head Afternoon Assistant for over 20 years. Her loving and organized approach to the care of the children is a key component of our Montessori day. You can always find her juggling a child or two on her lap, while playing a card game with another. Miss Donna ensures that our afternoon dismissal policies are strictly enforced. You can be sure your child will not be allowed to go home with “Grandmom” if she’s not on your approved dismissal list! Miss Donna enjoys writing in her journal, writing poems, dancing, singing and exercising. She is inspired by the freedom that the Montessori classroom affords the children and feels like she did a good job “when a child accomplishes a task that she learned from my teaching.” She also loves the funny things the children say, and when former students, now grown, come back to visit her!



Miss Esther

Miss Esther has her Associate’s Degree in Child Development.  She recently relocated to Riverside from Budd Lake in Morris County.  Miss Esther taught children from 2 1/2 to 5 years of age for ten years at a nursery school as a lead teacher, music teacher, and cooking teacher.  Miss Esther is Miss Nain’s Assistant.  Miss Esther enjoys teaching young children because they are always excited to learn and explore all kinds of possibilities.  The world is still an open book to them.

Miss Gabby Head Shot


Miss Gabby

A former student of CHM, Miss Gabby is right back where she started. She has worked four summers as a Summer Camp Assistant and is now an After Care Assistant for the school year. She is currently pursuing a degree in Nursing at Rutgers University, Camden and is preparing to specialize in Pediatric Nursing. Working with children is her passion. She loves watching the students grow and discover the world around them. “It is a real blessing to know I am making a difference in children’s lives. Knowing that I am helping them shape the basis of their futures is an incredible thing.”


Miss Nicolette

Miss Nicolette has her Associate’s Degree in Early Childhood Education and is working towards her Bachelor’s Degree in both Elementary and Secondary Education as well as becoming certified in Special Needs. She has worked with children for 8 years, with ages ranging from infant to high school. Miss Nicolette is Miss Lauren’s Assistant for the 2017-2018 school year. She is looking forward to this school year and learning more about the Montessori Method. In Miss Nicolette’s spare time she enjoys spending time with family, friends, and volunteering at her local animal shelter.


Mr. David

Mr. David is back after a  short hiatus, having worked at Cherry Hill Montessori from 2007-2013. He has a Bachelor’s Degree from Rutgers University in History. Mr. David loves to keep the children active by coming up with new activities and takes pride in watching their growth and development.

Mr. Joe, Maintenance

Mr. Joe takes care of our School. Not only is he responsible for making sure your child is in a clean environment, but he also fixes the things that need fixing. He enjoys seeing the children every day when he comes to work and they love his smile and the “presents” he brings them. We are lucky to have Mr. Joe as our Maintenance Man and Jack-of-all-trades for everything else.